Heart of Spades

April 2015

I met Katei and Will (Heart of Spades) as they were playing a Game of Thrones / Pirates of the Caribbean medley busking Friday night in Melbourne.

A week out from the Game of Thrones Season 5 launch and as they regularly work on the cruise ships and we’re leaving in 9 days, we decided it was now or never – so – it was now!!

We met Sunday to discuss and plan, filmed on a 30+ degree Wednesday from 10:45 am till 3:30 and the edit was done over Friday / Saturday (20-25 hours across 2 days!).

We used 2 Canon C100’s and the marvels of a pre-recorded track with 4 beat clicks in it for the musicians to sync each repeat of their performance.

By using 2 cameras and playing the first song 8 times, twice in 4 different locations, we ended up with a 16 camera multicam edit!!

The coverage (amount of angles to work with) was a phenomenal success in my humble opinion. For the 2nd part of the song and the second location, we moved from South Bank to the Polly Woodside Tall Ship with much thanks to the Australian National Trust for giving us access to it.

Sixteen camera multicam

The edit ready to go

2nd camera

Movi prep


On to our second location


Our 3 person crew for the day, Marian and I working with a second camera operator Alana Tompson from Black Ant Films.

Polly woodside