Hoop Lovers

February 2014

Deanne Love is the 2014 ‘Hula Hooping Instructor of the Year’ and a YouTube sensation as far as all-things-hoop are concerned.  Deanne and her business partner, an IT savvy gent with excellent design skills, came to Bravo Charlie to get a clear picture on ‘where they were’ and ‘where they wanted to get’ – I must say the work these two have been doing online is seriously impressive; multiple sites, e-commerce in many forms, training, merchandise, supplies – they have a lot going on.

After a 6 hour Gap Analysis & Business Consulting session – they had a comprehensive map of their various business entities, what they wanted to change, what they wanted to keep, where they were going in the future and what it would take them to get there.

HoopLovers Testimonial

Here is part of the Hoop Lovers digital empire:

Hoop Fusion YouTube channel

Check out the Hoop Lovers website, Hoop Love Coaching and the Hoop Lovers Facebook page to see what a content rich digital system looks like.