Hyliion in Australia

Late 2016 we flew to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to meet the inventors of Hyliion, an Electric-Axle fuel saving technology for long haul trucking and bring representation rights back to Australia. Through in-market discussions with all of our largest fleet operators (Toll, Linfox etc) we secured orders for test units and coordinated with Government departments to perform on-road tests of the units. Hyliion has since successfully listed on the NYSE and is developing it’s American market.

On the Australian side of things, we set about engaging and successfully receiving letters of intent to trial and purchase Hyliion units from Linfox, Toll and MKD Transcorp, gained the support of Australian government testing labs, parts suppliers, trailer and axle manufacturers, plus any relevant elements of the Australian trucking community.

Along with profiling the entirety and contacting the majority of the Australian truck and trailer purchasing market, we engaged with Dana Australia, the US head office of whom who have subsequently become one of the largest investors in Hyliion – https://www.ttnews.com/articles/dana-hyliion-partner-market-electric-hybrid-technology

In addition to negotiating terms with Australian buyers, we actively worked with Hyliion US representatives to answer Australian customer questions, identify manufacturing and compliance challenges, whilst generally doing our upmost to commercialise an innovative technology, in an extremely established category.

Below is the first video we made, filmed on a road-test of the Hyliion (Hybrid Lithium Ion) system

The road to Pittsburgh (from Melbourne)

I was watching a tech journalist called Robert Scoble broadcast live over Facebook at 3 am in the morning on the 6th of April, 2016 – from there I got in touch with the team and recently flew over to verify everything – I was both impressed and excited to bring this back to Australia.

You can read more about the place they were at when I watched the Scoble interview at https://contest.techbriefs.com/2016/entries/sustainable-technologies/6789.

Hyliion are coming on in leaps and bounds and you can see their latest video below:

To the best of our knowledge, Hyliion are currently concentrating on their US market, and we congratulate them on their ongoing investment rounds and commercalisation journey.