International Women’s Day for International Chamber House

March 2019

Asked to capture and present the essence of the International Chamber House and 8 contributing International Chambers of Commerce’s International Women’s Day High Tea, including interviewing the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, the CEO of Global Victoria, the CEO of the Australia China Business Council and the CEO of Ranstand APAC, we had a ball – delivering an early IWD video, a highlight and 21 pieces of short content taken from 4 interviews!

Highlight video 

Interviewing Gonul Serbest, CEO of Global Victoria in the few days prior to the event

This enabled us to edit out a short video for launch on the morning of International Women’s Day, that was extremely well received on Linkedin (over 360 likes / 8 thousand views and counting)

From the event itself – 4 hours of footage, 4 interviews, 3 cameras and a blank 3 minute canvas – Assembling the edit 

Interviewing Virginia Birrell, CEO of the Australia China Business Council

Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne

Thank you to Madison Cahill for her fantastic organisation and support with the filming, Isabel Stewart and the Australia China Business Council, Gonul Serbest and Margaret Brett from ICH.

Shout out to James Stapledon for being on the Bravo Charlie crew and wielding much heavier gear than our founder is willing to swing around! 😀