iPhone soccer training app

2010 - 2011

Referred to an ex-Socceroo to film instructional DVD’s, Bravo Charlie worked with the founders of Learn Football to architect a media creation and distribution plan based on their business objectives of an easily sharable training tool, suited to young to early adult soccer fans and players, that they could grow and manage themselves.

The group filmed and produced 36 educational short videos for the mobile app, worked on a PR strategy and ultimately got the application into the “New and Noteworthy” section of the itunes store. A wordpress website, youtube channel (80,000+ views), twitter, facebook (3,200+ fans) and mailchimp newsletter system was created to form the ‘social media system’.

Bravo Charlie filmed in both Melbourne and Queensland, including training the founders in video production, content updating and system maintenance.

Learn Football reached their business goals of selling enough version 1 iphone apps to cover version 2 development within 6 months, now having done over 80 of their own short videos!