Kindness Trust

2012 - 2016

Bravo Charlie approached Philip Wollen (OAM) related to his philanthropic work, asking to ‘spread the message’ using social media and video.

Focusing on using an existing piece of video content as the corner stone of this initiative, we designed a YouTube channel and Twitter account, updated a Wikipedia entry, launched a Facebook page and set about filming several short pieces of video. Along the way we worked with several bloggers and media organisations to amplify the spread of the message, organised a speaking engagement with TedX Melbourne, created many pieces of content, responded to public queries and generally managed the growth of the online community, including integrating ‘social media’ to public advertising in Fitzroy.

Additionally we trained the client and his partner in how to run the system; how to create video content, what equipment we needed, how Facebook worked, what to post and how to post to get the best results.

Since launching the YouTube channel, the content has been viewed by over 300,000 people, translated into 18 languages and numerous copies are turning up across the internet. With over 2,500 YouTube subscribers and 12,000 in our Facebook fanbase, when an important piece of news is shared, fans spread it rapidly. Additionally Mr Wollen has been requested to speak in numerous countries, is receiving a daily stream of new attention and has been asked for permission to reuse and broadcast the material on various television stations.

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A 2018 update, we’ve had word that Philip Wollens feature 10 minute speech during the Wheeler Debate not only triggered off the Vegan movement in Israel which over the last 5 years, it has culminated in the banning of live animal imports!  Also it has recently been re-released by ‘Life Changing Videos’ on Facebook and seen 15 million times in the past 3 weeks, the message is off on a new journey of inspiration.

Filming an interview with Sir David Attenborough and Philip Wollen

Part of the ‘at home’ interview seriess

The principal video sourced via the Wheeler Centre

Animated titles created to open and finish videos, enhancing the perceived quality of the content

Mr Wollen’s thoughts:

Behind the scenes images, the first taken at Philip’s home in East Hawthorn for his personal message videos.


Filming the presentation of the ‘Kindess Medal’ to Sir David Attenborough at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne


Filming outside (and then on the bridge of) the Steve Irwin on behalf of the Sea Shepard Conservation Society and Mr Wollen’s call for more donors to join him