Moving Essence 5Rhythms

June 2013

A dance practice dear to my heart and an honour to document – along with the video material, a Social Media System (Wordpress website, facebook page, vimeo channel and newsletter system) was created for the clients, including teaching them how to use it. The videos, website and Social Media System were launched to celebrate 10 years of 5Rhythms in Melbourne. NB: The Tale of David Juriansz was envisioned a year before principal photography commenced during a Vippassana retreat. Filmed entirely within 6 hours, it involved 2 hours of preperation filming the night before the ‘live event’ capture, with ‘arrival footage’ filmed at the end of the class from 10 pm till 2 am. The filming involved hexa-copter aerial videography for opening and closing footage and the vehicle is a replica of James Bonds 1967 p1800 Volvo