RSF Waste Doco

March 2014

Bravo Charlie were asked to film a documentary on the sustainability and waste management practices for Australias largest annual dance-music and lifestyle event, the Rainbow Serpent Festival, along with several shorts. There’s quite a lot involved making a video, have a read and a watch:


Here it is:

There’s a lot that goes into making this, firstly you interview everyone, asking questions to get the best out of them, and then you film everything that relates to the job they do, and the ‘b-roll’ elements that demonstrate the essence of the event:

You don’t need much gear to do it either:

Though then you need to spend a lot of time colour grading every bit of footage if you don’t use a lot of lighting:

Add in all the visual effects to make it something special like rewinds and on-screen elements:

Get all the music and audio right, removing back ground noise and eq’ing:

Then you’ve got a rough cut you can watch through and make notes to fine cut and take out excessive time:

And it all comes together into a nice big feature:

Which looks like this if you zoom in to 4 minutes: