Rainee Lyleson & Joni Mitchell

July 2014

Whilst assisting as a sound recordist for an Irish TV director jaunting around Melbourne making a film, I ran into one of the cast that performed a one-woman-Joni-Mitchell tribute show called ‘Take me as I am – an evening with Joni’ – 60 seconds into hearing Rainee sing at this show I was sold and so we set out to record 6 videos and get them on YouTube, which were turned into a Choose Your Own Adventure trip using YouTube’s early ‘ending video’ options. Hope you enjoy – and go support Rainee, she is working hard to pursue her dream of a film and music career.

Visit https://www.instagram.com/raineeblakehttps://www.youtube.com/raineemusic – http://www.rainee.com.au/

In line with her new sound (2018+) the old videos are gone though you can see the Behind The Scenes images below and check her out via the links above!

Here is the YouTube channel featured the songs we filmed for Rainee – Born by a river, I get caught up, Darkness Light, Raven, a Case of You (Joni Mitchell cover) and ‘The Break in’ a short film with a choose your own adventure style ending if you have your YouTube annotations turned on.

RaineeMusic YouTube

A few behind the scene photos


Walking through the warehouse (I found a building site near the corner of the house and asked if we could use it)


Getting a quick riff to lay over ‘the warehouse break-in’ video