Tantric Blossoming

July 2018

Asked to capture and support the growth of Australia’s leading Tantric movement, focused on the integration of heart, body, spirituality and sexuality, we set about consulting, filming and editing, then supporting the deployment of content.

Hear from Martina Hughes and Rod Gordon, with Bravo Charlie’s founder, Philip Bateman

Filming on the night

Below you can see the difference between getting an interview journalist such as our founder, Philip Bateman, to ask questions and having someone purely focused on aesthetics capture your testimonials – better questions get better answers! This is the final results from filming a 3 hour workshop with 30 minutes of testimonials on the end;

Part 1 and 2 of the 5 part finished product, with twelve testimonials to be used throughout Tantric Blossomings lead nurturing sales automation system!


Part 2 of Men and Love presentation recorded in May 2018. Rod Gordon and I discuss the impact of power plays in relationships, sexual shame, sexual intimacy and cultivating sexual desire in a new connection or a relationship. Watch and enjoy!! Comment below if it touches you.Support us to create empowerment in relationships today by sharing with your friends! Thanks again to Philip Bateman of Bravo Charlie for the incredible filming!!

Posted by Martina Hughes on Saturday, 29 September 2018