Uniting Care WSH

Jan 2016

In response to a last minute funding cut by local government for their Foster Care and Homelessness programs, we supported Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing pro-bono to capture their organisation and empower them to spread their message. Through internal staff training, ongoing management of their social media system and filling in the digital gaps whilst the staff get up to speed, our work was extremely well received by members of the community, staff and local government. The agency is progressing with both fund raising and wide spread political engagement as a result of the new content.

Update June 2017 ** we received notice the agency has received 15 million in funding, including constructing facilities and 10 beds for at risk youth, 10 over night beds for rough sleepers, funding for a series of low-income houses, a lawyer at the justice centre to support people going through mortgage defaults, plus 5.5 full time staff for the next 4 years – we were told this was predicated by the filming we did to arm them with their story, in a format they could take to ministers and the public, for which the outcry and support was intense

From our discussion on LinkedIn:

The main video we made for Werribee Support and Housing