Accela Research

October 2023
Accela are a newly established advisory and research firm accelerating the transition of Europe’s largest pension funds, portfolio and asset managers into climate-aligned outcomes. As a relative startup, our work together focused on creating the most immediate value possible through practical client-facing outcomes.

Working through Accelas stakeholder groups, we discussed each’s influence, interest and availability, their pains and gains, key messages and what did or didn’t exist within Accela’s customer journey.

I (Philip Bateman) interviewed senior leaders across the stakeholder map, deriving insights, potential service offerings, tweaks to the customer journey and generally where the team could focus their attention and resources.

We then did training with the Executive team on preparing them for ongoing media creation, whilst touching on agile project management as an effective way to manage competing demands of a startup.

The Accela Research website

Accela Research website