Andrew Hollo and Workwell

March-April 2022
Andrew Hollo gets people aligned on complex issues – his ‘5 Minute Strategic Mindset’ is read by thousands each week around the globe, and he is a strategic force behind some of the most well known Australian and global names in Government, business and non-profit, including the Red Cross and United Nations.

It was a great pleasure to structure, synthesise and script ‘Andrews life’s work’ as he called it, into a 9 minute video, along with a series of Q&A insights, that we packed into his newly created video platform, whilst directing the companion document and client engagement loop for his team to leverage.

In Andrew’s words:

“..This has been brilliant, because I’ve been able to think about what really matters, not to me, but to my clients, and what you’ve been able to bring out in this process is real clarity about what matters and how to communicate that.

Also I’ve been seriously impressed by your absolute rigour in nailing down the message to the smallest number of words, your absolute persistence in getting to the value behind the sorts of things that I could talk about for hours and hours on end, and lastly, your ability to make me able to convey the energy, enthusiasm, passion, humour, and joy, as well as the intellect, depth, and the profundity of some of the things that I do. So that’s brilliant.”

– Andrew Hollo, Director & Principal Consultant, Workwell

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