Australian Business Deans Council and Swinburne University

Nov-Dec 2013
Continuing our work with the Foresight connections of Swinburne University, we were tasked with creating a video report based on a written document, capturing 3 months of investigation on behalf of the Australian Business Deans Council to discover the changes Universities needed to make to effectively develop Globally Responsible Leaders.

Foresight - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Due to multiple people reading from a prepared script they had not seen, working in 30 minute blocks with each of them, we used a tele-prompter;

Swinburne Teleprompter - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Swinburne Under Cover - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieSwinburne Interior - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieSwinburn Rail - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieSwinburne Balcony - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

YouTube video description follows:

How do you create Globally Responsible Leaders? Academics and industry gathered over 3 months to create a paradigm shift in business management education; to create more than leaders who are ‘the best in the world’ – to create leaders who are ‘the best for the world’. These are their findings.

The project team would like to thank the following organisations for supporting the 50+20 Innovation Trial on behalf of the Australian Business Deans Council:

HUB Melbourne
Ernst & Young
Australia Post
City of Boroondara
ANL Container Lines
Furnace Engineering
Swinburne University
Melbourne Business School
St Paul Apostle South School
South Gippsland Shire Council
Strategic Management Institute
Municipal Association of Victoria
Business — Higher Education Round Table
National Prescription Service / MedicineWise

+ those wished to remain anonymous

Introductory montage greatfully sourced from:

The Shift – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer |
Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film |
La Belle Verte |
Stanford University Online |
Coursera – World’s best courses, online, free |
TED Ideas Worth Spreading |
Massive Open Online Courses |
American Dream – Provocateur |
The Story of Solutions |
Image science and analysis lab, NASA-JSC |
Management Education for the World |

Video project co-ordination by Peter Hayward
Scripting by Eddie Blass, Nita Cherry & Philip Bateman


Paul Bitetto
Angela Jones
Simon Dehne
Carl Michael
Julian Vieceli
Barbara Bok
Leon Sterling
Monica Vandenberg
Deb Ganderton
Pascale Toussat

Featuring the music of Luke Neumann and Dean Frenkel