Stronger Brains

July - December 2021
Stronger Brains empower children and young people to build better lives by measurably improving their brain health, through a program developed by internationally renowned neuroscientist Dr. Michael Merzenich, co-inventor of the Cochlear Implant. Bravo Charlie was engaged to develop and present a compelling pitch to National Cabinet, interviewing stakeholders in 5 countries, whilst modelling local, regional and national scalability of the program.

“.. What surprised me was the quality of the team, the professionalism, the amount of hard work, and the willingness to invest in Stronger Brains. It was more than just a project, it was understanding the business and caring about the outcomes. There are not many companies we work with that really take on board our cause and believe in us, and go way above and beyond the call of duty. That was a very pleasant surprise, and the feedback on the final product has been excellent.

– Wendy, CEO, Stronger Brains.”

For this project we delivered:

Business plan, video platform with 80+ pieces of content, prospectus and pitch presentations,

The audience was:

Prime Ministers Office, National Cabinet and Private Investors


This was a good example of taking a core deliverable and crafting supporting documents to talk to the responsibilities and interests of different Ministers, the information pack handed over included;

Stronger Brains OPM

We developed a full business plan for local, regional and national rollouts with sensitivity analysis and costings related to existing Government expenditures.

Our Head of Research & Policy comes from 12 years in the Queensland Government before going freelance. She has worked across social cohesion, disability, multicultural affairs, education, employment and training and counter-terrorism during her time, including doing tender assessments, and is excellent at creating supporting data sets for whatever we want to communicate.


You can visit the video platform at, learn more on their website at and click to watch the main video we created below:

Stroger Brains Cover - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

How much content did we make for this one? LOTS. Enough to have comprehensive discussions on several policy areas effecting our nation, every week of the year.

A new paradigm for Youth Mental Health - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie