Business Development Consulting

Figuring out where you are, what resources you have available, how they can best be leveraged and how that lines up with where you want to go is what we specialise in. 

Through engaging with our process you will get:

– Your digital marketing, content creation, customer engagement processes and storytelling on track
– A video marketing strategy to meet your business goals, based on your available budget
– Alignment from your senior executive around the ‘why’ that empowers your organisation

The feedback we get time and again runs something close to “You captured what we’ve been trying to say for five years in ten minutes” – “Yes! That’s it exactly” – “We can do that? I’d never imagined!”

Expect us to generate ideas, turn them into strategic plans, then get them done along side you – picking up the phone, opening doors, having meetings, following through and getting results.  

consulting in detail

Initial consulting is made up of a preliminary phone discussion, review of any relevant documents in full commercial confidence, looking at your website, industry, any existing collateral and your main competitors, then a 2-3 hour meeting with your senior management.  It is a comprehensive look at how you talk about yourself, engage, acquire, sell to and follow up with your world.

The best results are always found with the C level executive, we work directly with the CEO and  their supporting team.  If yours are unwilling to engage in the process, our honest suggestion is that storytelling will never become an effective tool inside your organisation, and rather than create conflict, either support their fears and enroll them in the possibility, or find new people.

Our time together will encompass how you engage with stakeholders, what tools your team have available, how your internal IT systems work, whether you have a CRM (customer relationship management), lead nurturing, email marketing, automation, content management platforms, through to what your proposals say when you hand them to people.

What does your sales engagement process look like?  And more importantly, how does this align to your strategic roadmap and your goals for the organisation?  Does this roadmap exist?  Do we need to create it?

Where are you now and where do you want to get to and what’s stopping you getting there?

Discussing this together is the best way for us to collectively map the current and future state of things.  By asking challenging questions that dig for the ‘why’ behind business as usual, that come through the lenses of Entrepreneurial Growth, Digital Marketing Best Practice and wanting to achieve ‘personalised automation at scale’ for your customers, together we can cost and structure an improvement plan with measurable outcomes.

Then, we can work through that plan with you, building the mechanisms of the machine that will drive your organisation forward.  With this in place, content marketing becomes the fuel to power your improved machine!

The result of this meeting is an in-depth report, with a 12-24 month outlook, that will leverage content, network marketing and sales engagement tools to meet the objectives we’ve defined during our time together. 

This report becomes both the compass and the map by which your future success will be propelled.


Led by our Managing Director and Content Strategist, Philip Bateman, consulting sessions usually run for 2 to 3 hours to discover, then refine the components above, working with your senior executive to map, challenge and create achievable targets, then crafting an actionable plan to meet them.

Within 10 business days from our meeting, you will receive a summary report that includes competitor notes, implementation examples, the foundations of a Social Media Strategy and a costed Content Creation plan.

Bravo Charlie has consulted to businesses of all sizes, from startups aiming at rapid growth, to established, medium sized organisations and on to leading multi-nationals, all seeking to leverage the availability of low-cost digital tools.  

Our particular focus is on companies leveraging investor capital to create positive impact in the world, at scale.  Additionally we provide educational sessions and longer seminars for Boards, Industry Groups and Government Departments.

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