Capital Raising Partnerships

Crafting the content you need to make the change you desire

If you’re involved with a business that is making a difference, either through an innovative service or technology,  have existing clients and a vision for changing the world, likely you know you could be doing more if you had the capital to scale.

You may be thinking about investors, pitching, Series A or B capital, maybe your IPO.

You’ve got a great story and you know if people heard it, and you could get it to the right people – you’ve got the chance to really transform your work and your impact!

The good news is that if you’re premise and capabilities are sound, regular content creation targeted at the right people will get you the money, and we want to partner with you to make it happen.

Enquire below to have a chat with us about what you’re doing, and based on good alignment, we will ask for a deposit to secure our services, then discount our monthly fees, whilst supporting you with pitching assistance, network introductions, content creation, digital media strategy and ongoing  support of your vision, until you secure the capital you seek.

In it together, getting paid for success.  That’s what this is about.

Have a listen to the CEO of Shareable Apps talk about his capital raising journey below:


trials, tribulations, and the essence of your narrative

A classic of business literature, Larry E. Greiner’s ‘Evolution and Revolution as Organisations Grow’ from the Harvard Business Review in 1972, is a powerful lens to know what’s coming at you, what needs to change and from Bravo Charlie’s perspective, the secret sauce to crafting the story of where you are, and where you are going.

We suggest any company on the planet can find themselves on the following chart, and the kicker is, what makes you exceptional at the phase you are in, makes you terrible at moving to the next phase!

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Greiner areas of focus

Remember, this is not a linear climb – there will be a crisis of leadership and a dip before the next phase!

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Greiner Phase Chart

Good? Bad? Neither, it simply is!  Why fight gravity?  🙂  Use this knowledge to empower your business strategy and make your conversation about opportunity, innovation, risk and project management relevant to people who have done it before you, that you want money from.

The other thing to remember when pitching is it’s not about the idea, there are many areas to address, and in the context of capital raising, each areas requires researching, testing your hypothesis, correcting based on your findings, validating and proving it.

We capture this by asking your stakeholders leading questions, and filming their responses, then crafting these into shareable content we can share privately with key people.

If you are going to skip an area, you better have a damn good explanation why – and we see our job as having the tough conversations, preparing you, building it with you, standing alongside you and course correcting as we venture forth!

Check this out:

Want to get your story in order, craft targeted video communication to engage your stakeholders, and partner up to achieve success?

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