Thought leadership, social licenses & annual reports

Q.  Could you be getting better results by taking a percentage of your print budget, and using it to create short interviews and video, that can be measured, shared, and reused, time and again?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours are put into conducting and aggregating intensive research, community engagement pieces and annual reports, then compiling these into beautiful print documents that are distributed around the world.  

In so many ways, the ecological cost, the effort and the lack of engagement with the result in our time poor world is verging on a crime – in no way are we saying these things aren’t important, though in a shifting communications landscape, sticking your head in the sand and not meeting your audience where they are – online, watching short video – is a recipe for being ignored.

If you aren’t spending a percentage of your print budget in taking the time to interview and compile the insights of your thought leadership pieces, your annual reviews, and your strategic communications, you’re missing a massive opportunity.

Not only to gain insights onto the return on an investment and the impact your work is actually having, but most importantly, to be able to follow up with the people engaging with your conversation and bring them further into your embrace.

This is a missing opportunity you can no longer afford to bypass.

For best results, we will align your annual event and corporate calender with a production schedule, and have people on hand to document insights for release at specific times.

Above you can see part 2 of the 3 we did with Guy Thompson from the ANZ, on Discovering the Next Stage of Growth in Asia, or visit our portfolio and dive into the Employee Engagement Survey we did for AIG which the CEO used to open town-halls nationally, the Senior Leadership presentations for the QBE Leadership Academy which were presented to the Global CEO and used to renew and expand the program, or the research summary for the Australian Business Deans Council.

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