The past years (12+) have given us the chance to work with some truly amazing people, on projects far and wide.  We would love to include you!  The written recommendations below are from our Managing Directors LinkedIn profile

Michael Dockery - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieMichael Dockery
Founder at Design Industries | Atlassian Enterprise Partner
August 2020

Philip is amazing at all aspects of communication and storytelling. His wide knowledge of the digital landscape and skills in collaborating with the team enable Philip to deliver amazing work! Thanks Philip!

Nicolette Parsons NJM - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Nicolette Parsons
Director at NJM & CO Financial
November 2019

I’ve never had a video interviewed before, let alone impromptu. Philip made me feel very comfortable and the videos produced from the interview exceeded my expectations especially as I felt I fumbled through it. Great work Philip. Thank you!

Karl Grimm - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Karl Grimm
CEO at Konnekt
November 2018

We owe Philip thanks for helping us to focus our overall marketing approach, and for providing practical, usable advice on revising our website and making videos.

We initially made contact to have a video made, but got far more. Philip is very good at seeing what you really need.

Peter Kay Lock - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Peter Kaylock
Chair, Moulamein Grain Co-operative 
October 2018

I met Philip at a trade fair in Xiamen China in 2016, and he encouraged us to do some promotional video to support out Moulamein Oat products for the Chinese market. To sell into the Chinese market it is very important to prove credibility, source of origin and nutritional value.

The Video’s Philip put together told our story of providence with great content, color, vibrance, and has with out doubt given immeasurable support to our marketing and exposure. He was great to work with.

His dedication, enthusiasm, infectious humor and understanding of what we required, delivered high quality content that Moulamein Foods has shown all over China, and more recently extracts of his work will be shown on CCTV China in a documentary highlighting Australian trade.

Thank you Philip, for a job well done, on behalf of Moulamein Foods!

Yosef Rozenweig - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Yosef Rosenzweig
Founder, Executive Flights
October 2018

I started speaking to Philip about digital marketing and video for Executive Flights at the end of 2017 – going back and forth with ideas and reviewing our content, his suggestions have been highly relevant and helped our growth.

Short video and content have been an excellent ROI for us – if you’re looking to get moving in this space, I would point you at Bravo Charlie.

Virginia Birrell - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Virginia Birrell
CEO, Australia China Business Council Victoria
July 2018

We see video was a really important medium for communicating our message. Philip has interviewed around 40 people for us over the last two years. They’ve ranged from government leaders to business leaders across a wide variety of sectors.

His interviews are always very well researched and if you’re looking for someone to produce a video for you, with senior leaders in your company or on a variety of topics, I do recommend Philip.

He’s easy to work with has a quick turnaround and the end result is a very good one.

Shana Shean - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Sh’ana Shean
Co-Founder, 13 Moons Blood Mystery Journeys
April 2018

Philip was an incredible champion for our campaign. We would not have been able to realize our dream without his unwavering support, knowledge and clarity.

With Philip’s guidance we were able to get to the very heart of what we had to share with the world and then he set about teaching us how to build and reach a receptive audience to share it with.

His direction and support made our campaign an enormous success on so many levels. My co-founder and I went beyond our original goal, we now have a strong professional network, are so much more competent and able to steer our business in alignment with our mission statement; our general network has grown enormously and we have crossed geographic boundaries to reach a global audience – mainly, we have been equipped to continue to grow the foundations he has created for us, which we are so grateful for.

In short, Philip is very professional, human and understanding of our personal quirks and ways of doing things.

More than working in and on our project, he supported us in growing within ourselves so that we could authentically achieve what we set out to.

The team at Bravo Charlie set up systems for us to collaborate and work effectively within from our first meeting; communication was always open and our many questions were answered clearly and with consistent overall direction to our goal; Philip never stopped giving 100%.

My co-founder and I highly recommend Bravo Charlie and Philip to any one building a project or business. With this man at your side, you will achieve your dream, your goals and so much more.

Sonny Neale - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Sonny Neale
Collaborative Leadership Expert
March 2018

I was extremely impressed with the work Philip did for me. I asked him last minute to create a referral video for me out in the Yarra Valley and he got organised, stayed in communication and did a sterling job. The quality of the video was great, but more importantly, he asked questions that brought the best out of my clients and really captured what was amazing about the seminar. I’ll be using Philip again.

Greg Brereton - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Greg Brereton
Interim National Business Manager, GrainCorp Oils (Auscol)
July 2017

How to Increase Stakeholder Engagement through Video Production to “Tell the Story” & “Gain Acceptance”?

We came to Philip Bateman and his team with short notice, a tight time frame and broad requirements, then used the videos created to summarise and sell the future of our business unit in a national roadshow. Clients and internal stake holders loved it and the program is ongoing; I’d highly recommend Bravo Charlie if you want serious engagement and acceptance for your initiatives

Mackenzie Amara Bravo Charlie Mackenzie Amara
Embodied Depth Coach
June 2017

I worked with Philip on a rather massive crowd-funding campaign over the course of several weeks. Despite having a totally disjointed band of hooligans on the project (volunteers), Philip was able to streamline our process, offered amazingly useful organization and direction, and ultimately we reached our goal of $15,000.

Philip was tireless in his support for the project & was always full of helpful tips to keep us moving forward. He was professional, efficient, passionate, and knowledgeable. He clearly knows what he’s doing.

Sam Rosen Berg - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieSam Rosenberg
Founder & CEO, INPAX
August 2017

As a business owner, I could not recommend Philip and his team more highly.

Not only is Philip is a true master of his craft, he possesses the rare ability to teach his methods in a way that produces immediate results. Literally, within 90 minutes of our first meeting, he’d helped me define a simple, useable, and effective process for maximizing strategic communications with our existing clients, and for reaching new clients through social media. His process made immediate sense and is light years beyond anything I’d been taught previously.

I intend to use Bravo Charlie and Philip on an ongoing basis – despite the fact we are located on different continents!

Lisa Rose - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieLisa Rose
National Corporate Communications Manager, AIG Australia
June 2016

Philip and the team at Bravo Charlie were fantastic to work with. We were extremely happy with the results of the employee videos he filmed and edited for us and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing corporate videos created.

Vlado Baban - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieVlado Baban
Business Analyst, Axcel / Entrepreneurs Programme
December 2015

The Geelong Manufacturing Council (GMC) engaged Bravo Charlie to develop a comprehensive bespoke package of video content designed to ‘message’ the GMC value proposition into our preferred target market(s) using digital channels.

The video concept, development and recording process was at all times a professional seamless experience and enabled the GMC to shift its ‘messaging’ into web based channels in order to engage with an increasingly digital (commercial) audience.

Sharon Dawson - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieSharon Dawson
Director, Dawson Group of Companies
September 2015

Philip jumped to it at very short notice to produce a suite of YouTube clips detailing our business processes and capturing the essence of Dawsons people, services and clients. He has provided excellent “post sales” service since, ensuring that we get the maximum impact from being multi media stars.

Rave Agarwal - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieRavi Agarwal
Managing Partner, MEDIQ Financial
August 2015

We engaged Philip and his team to help us create online video content to tell our story. We are happy with the result and look forward to long-term relationship.

Patricia Griffiths - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharliePatricia Griffiths
General Manager, International Trade – Victorian Chamber of Commerce
August 2015

Philip Bateman from Bravo Charlie produced a video for our VJBP Program. Philip is a bright young man with lots of innovative ideas and energy. He made what appeared to be a very complicated process seem very simple and all we had to do was follow his instructions.

Philip is a people person and showed respect and professionalism in all his dealings with myself, my team and our clients. He shared with us a lot of insights on how to present the program well and how to achieve the best results. He definitely knows his business and does it extremely well. We found his work substantially improved the market awareness of our product and has had a positive effect on our sales and marketing.

Philip is committed in his service delivery to clients and therefore is flexible in order to meet client requirements. I would recommend Philip to any company who wants to improve their marketing through video and social media.

Sane Dunstan - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieShane Dunstan
CEO, ARAN & Responsible Mining Solutions
March 2015

Philip is an enthusiastic, creative professional who can assess what a business needs very quickly and accurately.

His ability to develop a business strategy through extracting the company “story” is as effective as it is fun. Philip’s skill of asking the right open, leading questions not only helps to convey the business to your clients, but also galvanises the business focus to the management team and staff.

Storytelling is a dying art. Philip instills a passion to tell a story and as a result, it give a business a sense of purpose and your clients a passion to follow.

Charlotte Roberts - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieCharlotte Roberts
Founder, The Musical Body
January 2015

Before the Filming of The Musical Body Promo film, I chatted with Philip about what I do, and what I wanted to achieve: he supported me to get clear on exactly what I needed and wanted from the work he would produce.

During the filming: Philip was professional, friendly, communicative – he and his team were a warm and calm presence as I facilitated the class, and gave clear details to participants so everyone felt at ease. The process was enjoyable and I felt like I could rely fully on Philip expertise.

After the event: Philip was efficient in his editing, and surprised me by finishing editing before the date I’d thought it would be finished. I was blown away. I was in tears as I watched the film, as it captured the essence of what I was hoping to share with the community through my facilitation, and gave such succinct and sophisticated angles on the work that were truly masterful. Students and friends of friends have said how powerful and engaging the film is, and are impressed and curious to find out more about The Musical Body and attend class as a result of his work!

Katharine Mc Lennan - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieKatharine McLennen
Head of Global Leadership Academy, QBE
November 2014

Philip Bateman was a lot of fun to work with for the video that we created for the Leadership Academy at QBE. He is very organised and relaxed at the same time. He makes the people he films be at complete ease — and is very pragmatic with the suggestions he gives us for filming at the right budget with very high quality results. I would happily be willing to support Philip in his endeavours for the future.

Simon Dehne - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieSimon Dehne
Founder, Conscious Futures
September 2014

We hired Bravo Charlie to video record a presentation my business was doing that we wanted to have uploaded onto our website.

Philip was fantastic, took control of the situation and guided me through the process to ensure the end product was very professional.

I was also wrapped with the after sales production and service, Philip wanted to make sure the end result delivered what we were wanting to achieve and continued to make further recommendations to enhance how the video would look on my website.. It is my pleasure to recommend Philip and his business.

Brett Bonser - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieBrett Bonser
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Align.me
August 2014

Philip brings unique skills to the world of video production within the B2B context. He understands that in B2B marketing video has to be about more that just positioning and branding, it must play a role in buyer progression.

Combine this with awesome core video production skills and you have a guy that every Marketing Director should consider.

Philip Wollen - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Philip Wollen OAM
Founder, Winsome Constance Kindness Trust
July 2014

Philip Bateman set up our YouTube and Facebook presence from scratch. It was at his urging that we took this step. As a consequence, we have been able to communicate our message of ethical treatment of human and non-human animals, environmental responsibility and social interdependence to a wider audience than we had previously considered possible.

The Kindness Trust message has reached over 25 million people and been translated into 20 languages

Amie Green - Bravo CharlieAmie Green
Founder, Green Chief Sustainability Practitioners
May 2014

Phillip was recommended by a mutual friend as a filmmaker of high quality to produce a sustainability film/documentary. Considering the minimal brief I provided him with (sustainability film longer than 3 minutes) the man worked wonders! A shot list was drawn up and adhered to and the concept and storyline was developed collaboratively at the same time as filming was undertaken. Phillip functioned as cameraman, interviewer, editor and everything in between!

Post production work was completed before the due date and immaculate attention to detail was given to all aspects of the film- from fading to sound levels through to font and title design. Communication throughout the project was clear, specific and direct without becoming entangled in technical jargon.

At every stage of the film Phillip was professional, articulate and most of all easy to work with. So easy, in fact that it’d be fair to say a friendship has sprung up where previously only a business relationship existed. I would highly recommend Bravo Charlie for all of your film making needs.

Jpanne Sharkey - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieJoanne Sharkey
Founder, Fertile Ground Health Group
March 2014

Philip is extremely thorough and efficient at his work. We hired him to make five videos for our website, he understood the brief quickly and directed us from here. A few weeks later the job was complete. Not only did he create the videos he also set us up with YouTube and gave us strategic ideas on how best we make the most out of our content. It was obvious to me he cares about the outcome of his work and the impact it will have on our business.

Deanne Love - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieDeanne Love
Owner, Hoop Lovers
March 2014

Philip has an obvious talent for reviewing businesses and providing powerful and creative strategies for success. He recently conducted a gap analysis of my business and developed a workable and insightful strategy for the future. Philip’s clarity and vision is a great asset and I would highly recommend his service.

David Juriansz - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieDavid Juriansz
Director, Moving Essence
March 2014

Philip at Bravo Charlie is a tech ‘boffin’. He understands how communication is changing, how viewable content is becoming a must-have platform as part of a business marketing system. His skills have been refined by countless hours learning his craft. He is a filmmaker with an eye for detail and creative vision. We works faster than a speeding bullet. I would recommend him if you are looking to integrate website, social media and film as part of a business solution.

Jon Osborne - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieJon Osborne
Human Centered Design Lead, Arup
March 2014

Philip is assisting me with digital strategy and creating my online platform, leveraging my recent TED appearance.

It’s rare to meet someone who has as wide a skill set as his, and still rarer to find a person like that who can listen. It’s been a pleasure to work with him and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to develop their digital or personal branding strategy. His assistance in navigation through the new online / social media landscape has been invaluable, and he’s helped me articulate some of my key drivers and translate them into an online presence.

Peter Hayward - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharliePeter Hayward
Director of Masters in Strategic Foresight
Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Swinburne University
January 2014

We had undertaken a research project into the Future of Management Education and near the end of the project we decided to produce a video to go with the final report. We contacted professional producers who quoted three times what our budget could handle and most importantly they wanted to take away the innovative nature of our work by asking for a completely scripted and controlled product. Philip on the other hand gave us tremendous value for money, made significant contributions to the overall work and most importantly was comfortable with us doing something innovative and emergent. It was a delight to work with someone of his professionalism and competence

Michaels Warshall - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieMichael Warshall
Director of Innovation, Nulab Group of Companies
December 2014

Philip directed and produced a 30 second TV commercial which we aired nationally, also documenting our facilities, processes and staff for inclusion in our social media.

We were very happy with the TVC, and including coming back to re-shoot interviews after the first round missed our intent, the overall job was done well.

Aulay Macaulay - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieAulay Macaulay
Founder & CEO, Ento
October 2013

I contacted Philip to assist with script writing and concept for our new video marketing campaign.

He was in San Francisco as it turns out, though even remotely he got back to me within a few hours, then within 48 had sent me back an improved script, plus a transmedia strategy I wasn’t expecting, that I feel will deliver great results for our organisation. Onwards to implementation! Thanks Phil!!!!!!

Verity Thacker - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieVerity Thacker
Owner, Ranger Industrial
July 2013

Philip was recommended to us via Enterprise Connect. After initially flying to Sydney to meet with us, we went ahead with a week of filming – he captured our company culture and ethics, including visiting several clients who gave us great references on camera.

Malcolm Hiort - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieMalcolm Hiort
Director, Australian Craniofascial Therapy School
February 2013

Philip recently shot photography and video for our School, including organising photography models.

He created our social media presence, took me through how to update and manage our new systems, wrote clear instructions for my website developer to integrate the new elements, at all times operating in an efficient, professional and creative manner.

In two days work we achieved what I’ve been thinking about for several years; the client feedback I have received has all been extremely positive.

Lauren Robertson - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieLauren Robertson
Director, The Greatest Show On Earth
February 2013

We met Philip in 2012 whilst he was filming with a client of ours. Based on that event we asked him back to speak with us about video marketing. His initial consulting helped us to see the ways we could use social media to reach our business goals, whilst also writing a digital strategy to be implemented by our website provider.

From here his team filmed a time lapse construction of our rooftop project, filmed the first half of the opening night, mixed the content together and worked with projectionists to show it live at the launch – we received excellent feedback.

From setting up our YouTube channel to providing ongoing digital marketing support, Philip continues to film, edit and produce video content for our events. It works – capturing and sharing our story through social media and video is improving our sales.

Nastassia Milevoj - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie Nastassia Milevoj
Entertainment Coordinator, Top Dog
September 2012

Philip was fantastic, he completed more work on our website in 2 hours then our previous developer did in 2 months.  Philip understood my brief and also contributed to the project with his own intelligent ideas.

Pavel Chuchuva - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharliePavel Chuchuva
Senior Developer, Quest Software
October 2012

I needed help understanding video editing and how to turn what I had into what I wanted. Philip showed me clearly and easily in a way that meant I could go forwards and get the results I needed. Thank you!

John Fleming - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieJohn Fleming
MC, Entertainer and Songwriter
October 2012

Philip’s knowledge and skill in the area of social media and online marketing has given me the boost I needed to move to the next level. I would highly recommend Philip as a one off sessional coach and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Jordan Green - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieJordan Green
President & Founder, Melbourne Angel Investors
July 2012

Philip single-handedly recorded our entire 3-day conference and workshops event – the largest of its category in Australia. He also did vox pop interviews and day end testimonials.

After the event Philip edited the whole thing into some excellent summary video pieces and got them on to YouTube for us which made it really easy to put them on our web sites. Conference delegates commented on Philip’s professionalism and pleasant engagement style which made them very comfortable to respond in front of the camera.

I would certainly recommend Philip to anyone with an event, large or small, who wants a quality video record and subsequent video marketing collateral.

Luke Dilovodico - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieLuke DiLodovico
Director, Ignition Studios
May 2012

I was recently seeking some business advice and direction and, as such, was put in contact with Philip.

Having shared my business objectives and current challenges, he quickly understood the situation, then provided useful guidance on a structure for growth, combined with creating a relevant process I was able to implement immediately.

I highly recommend Philip and thank him for his timely advice which has proven invaluable. Thank you!

Laura Dinstell - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieLaura Dinstell
Founder, Almost Custom Websites
May 2012

Philip’s business and marketing acumen is what sets him apart from a typical videographer. His ability the think on his feet and make on-the-spot recommendations add value and save time. He delivers excellent work and is a pleasure to work with.

Simone Lawson - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieSimone Lawson
Marketing Manager, Steinert
March 2012

I have known Philip Bateman from Bravo Charlie since 2011 when he was invited to create a professional mining video for Steinert Australia. Our Sales and Marketing team, myself included, have felt quite inspired and impressed regarding the quality and potential for the Steinert video produced by Bravo Charlie.

We initiated and have been shown by Philip the process for developing a total social media strategy (please see links on our website www.steinert.com.au ).

This has been very well received by the company globally and we will continue to seek Philip’s expertise and advice in the future for Steinert’s social media and video production needs.

We have no hesitation in recommending Philip to future business contacts or employers and we would be happy to provide further information on request.

Christopher Dawson - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieChristopher Dawson
Managing Director, AQVA Luxury & Medical
March 2012

Philip was contracted for several months to help a trio of directors develop the foundational IT infrastructure of websites, service delivery processes, CRM, outsourcing and project delivery management for a rapidly scaling automotive website company.

He was thrown in the deep end of hands on technical work, copy writing, graphic design, web production, client and supplier liaising, staff training and office management duties from the first week – all of which he handled remarkably well and delivered to us high quality results.

Added to this his knowledge of social media marketing and the role video production can play in improving a businesses bottom line was highly valuable. If you need hands-on support in your organisational growth rather than just advice, this is definitely someone I would recommend.

Mark Reid - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieMark Reid
Enterprise Connect Business Advisor
October 2011

Philip’s expertise, experience and commercial success on behalf of his clients justifies his overt enthusiasm for what Bravo Charlie can do.

He is a knowledgeable and engaging professional who I happily recommend to anyone toying with the idea of video content to support their social media marketing mix.


Kathryn Ananda - Bravo Online Kathryn Ananda
Chief Emergence Orchestrator, Positive Handprints
September 2010

Philip provided incredibly grounding support for my visions and planning. His reflections and guidance were very real and supported by online reference and examples of client implementations, helping to highlight the areas of my knowledge to build on, and how that fit with my vision. From the breadth of his expertise and understanding he was able to help me become very much clearer on the next steps I needed to take.

Thank you very much Philip. I look forward to working with you again in the future!

https://bravocharlie.global/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Melissa-Carstens-150x150.jpgMelissa Carstens
Founder, Project Earth
April 2010

I found Philip very knowledgeable, informative, creative and very energetic. I would recommend Philip’s services to those seeking tailored service delivered with in a unique manner.

David Naylor - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieDavid Naylor
CEO, Guru Dudu & Silent Disco Tours
March 2010

Philip is a dedicated and creative operator. He worked with me hands on from start to finish to create a promotional video of highlights of a recent comedy show I produced. He is constantly thinking ahead to ensure all opportunities are seized.

As a video editor he works fast, with a sharp eye for detail and timing that makes the final product look schmick!

And did I mention he is very patient in adapting to my needs. Phil brought an abundance of up-to-date web and digital production knowledge saving me many headaches and research time – invaluable as a sole operator. I also appreciate his ability to contextualise his work within my broader business strategy, and to consider all issues such as copyright.

If you’re seeking a jump-start on your competitors in terms of video/YouTube promotion with a quick turn around, then talk to Philip.

John Salib - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieJohn Salib
Founder, Brand Pharaohs
February 2010

Philip is a strategic, creative, professional and friendly person to work with.  I worked on many client projects with Phillip and every time Phillip would have new ideas that always excelled the project further then what the client expected.

It was a pleasure working with Phillip and would recommend him to any business. He always brought to the table a creative way of lifting business’s bottom line through sales and marketing.

Karen Marie Arvidsson - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieKaren Marie Arvidsson
Founder & Lead Consultant, Creating Change
September 2019

Philip has been a co-mentor within Swinburne University offering guidance to entrepreneurs and business students in terms of ideas-generation, structure, funding options and marketing – in fact all aspects of leveraging success in multiple industries through unique selling points, ethical practices and cutting edge thinking.

Philip has the ability to offer suggestions that are clear and insightful, yet deliver these insights in a manner which is respectful of the individual’s own goals and personal identity.

Interacting with him over other issues (e.g. the Aust. Grad School of Entrepreneurship Alumni Association) has also been likewise a rewarding and easy communication process, and I feel he has not only the ability but the drive to succeed at driving multiple projects.

Jules Brooke - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Jules Brooke
Founder & Owner, Handle Your Own PR
September 2009

Philip is a breath of fresh air! He was one of the first people we met who truly understood the power of PR and he wanted to try it himself. He is anything but lethargic!

Within a day of purchasing our media contact lists he had refined his press release and sent it out to the media – all with great results. Philip is a doer and is tenacious – two qualities that will stand him in good stead as he builds his business. I would recommend him to anyone who wants someone to really achieve what they have set out to do…and he’s not bad at PR either!

Daniel Granot - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieDaniel Granot
Director, Marketbeagle
September 2009

Thanks for your insights on marketing and social media in relation to Marketbeagle.com. Despite thinking that I’d heard it all, you surprised me with many in depth insights and a lot of food for thought. I’ll be utilising your services again shortly!

Sean Dostal - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieSean Dostal
Owner, Moneybags
September 2009

Philip has an infectious energy about him and it shows in his results. He has helped me through his canny ability to distill the essence of a business model and make constructive recommendations on future growth paths. He is also extremely well connected, particularly in the environmental business sector and has put me in touch with some very influential people. It’s exciting to work with him and I recommend him highly.

John Lonergan - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieJohn Lonergan
Lecturer, Swinburne University of Technology
September 2019

I worked with Philip during his Masters program at Swinburne. In particular, I lead a “Business Growth” simulation, during which Philip took on the demanding role of CEO.

What impressed me most about Philip was the way he combined the capacity to make decisions and assume authority with the willingness to listen and engage his people.

In essence, he modelled the CEO role at its best. It is a simulation I facilitate regularly, and I rarely see someone embrace and excel in the CEO role as effectively and/or readily.

Clearly, Philip has what it takes to manage and to lead.