Passionate about your big idea? Looking to involve others? Take note

I often receive enquiry from folks who are passionate about a grand idea.  Often the most glaring issue is that they confuse an ‘idea’ with a ‘business’.  You can usually tell when you hear the words ‘I’ve got a great idea for a business’.

The essence of the Swinburne MEI (Masters in Entrepreneurship) taught me that the two are completely different things.  If you are a passionate person looking to grow something, or know someone who is, the following may provide great value to you – an email response I wrote to a recent request for input.


Thank you for considering me in your project. I wish you all the best in the development of this idea to something that could be considered an opportunity.

(re: “I don’t have time to work on this 100% but we will be the #1”)

Telling me it is a side project at the same time as saying you plan to ‘Become the #1’ is quite axiomatic and does not fill me with confidence that I should invest time into it.

Additionally going from ‘be the number #1’ to ‘this is how the website will look’ misses

I would start by defining how your idea translates into having concise, actionable and achievable statements related to –

I found very useful for people considering pulling a team together and for yourself if you plan to lead, being aware of would be very useful for me and I imagine others when you approach them to ask for their involvement.

Good luck with it.

– Philip Bateman

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