Remember to slow down (Yoga Camp Australia’s 3rd video – made entirely on iphone)

Last week in our business tips we asked ‘how do you tell your stories?’ and spoke about using what is available to you, such as an iphone. To push the point, we then went out on the weekend and made the 3rd yogacamp video (see the other two on the homepage at entirely on our iphone.

What do you think?

Come say hello via – it happens twice a year and is a special event that will improve the lives of those you know as well as your own;

A low-cost, family friendly opportunity for everyone to experience the benefits of a retreat. 

Connect with your spirituality and other yoga-minded people in a beautiful bush setting on the Goulburn River. Suitable as an introduction to yoga as well as an opportunity for more experienced practitioners to deepen and reinforce their yoga sadhana.

Filmed and produced by

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