Successful people never answer their phone

Do you want to hear some straight-forward advice on how to improve your life and your business?

Bob Parsons is happy and successful, the CEO and founder of Go-Daddy, one of the largest hosting companies in the world, likely one of the best places to host your startup;

Hosting with wordpress pre-installed and unlimited bandwidth for $160-200 a year?  Cheers Bob.

Episode #34 (above) is a great reference for the power of video and packed full of basic truths and the simplest way to start creating in your life – a way to overcome being mentally hung up on perceptions.

Remember, reason is the illusion of reality, so cut the bullsh*t and listen, then do what makes you happy!

P.S. To the ladies yes I know this may appear a bit male-orientated, but hey, if you want to be more insightful on Camera, call me and we will get it organised, because that’s the point, video production and business development – viva la revolution – Bravo Charlie!

– Philip Bateman

Video moving too fast?  Click here for Bob’s 16 Rules for Success in Business and Life in General

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