Tips for Business Owners Ep 1 – Increase customer awareness, retention and your bottom line (2 minutes long)

Links related to the video – Ted talks; Shawn Achor – The happy secret to better work and Paul Gilding – The Earth is full. Lastly Ted X Melbourne for local events.

See the new Facebook business page layout –

Check out how successful crowd-funding works by visiting Double Fine on kickstarter -

Listen to Gary Vaynerchuk riff on creating successful business marketing through delivering useful content -

Watch Voodoo Digital take you through the DNA of Subaru marketing –

Deano (solar powered beer brewing delivered by bicyle [] – at the tonight March 7th

View the Trooper Trek and Festival Couch Starlight video –

Visit the South East Melbourne Innovation Precinct 2012 Showcase –

Come say hello to us (Bravo Charlie) on

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