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As a consultancy, do you only provide high-level recommendations, or do you actually do the work?

Our services are hands on – we start with you in the boardroom, then take it to your facilities, teams and clients.

By co-creating your strategy, directing, filming and editing your material, then standing by your side as we engage stakeholders and close opportunities, we are accountable from start to finish.

What do you expect from clients?

For our relationship to thrive we need you to be coachable, to share discussions with us in commercial confidence, be open to challenging conversations that focus on the problem rather than the people, check our work with the intended audience, pay us on time and strive for the collective good.

What sets you apart?

We ask better questions and create actionable plans that work.

Video producers and creative agencies generally don’t have broad sales consulting experience across industries, deep experience in digital media marketing, know about business development, startups, scaling, investor relations, board risk or capital markets. Conversely, savvy business leaders don’t know about video production.

Bravo Charlie is the synthesis of these two, combined with a specialisation in interview journalism, enabling us to ask contextual, insightful questions, that deliver more revealing answers from your team, clients, community leaders and suppliers.

What don’t you do?

Whilst we will act as your representative and strategic advisor and will create and produce your video content, design and write marketing materials and website content, there are certain other tasks that we don’t undertake.

We can connect you to suppliers who: build or maintain websites, manage social media accounts, perform Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (Adwords), manage email marketing, optimise conversion funnels and create automation sequences for your customer journey marketing.

We also don’t write contracts, sign off on legal documents, manage your intellectual property, patents or trademarks.

Keep in mind, we HAVE done all of these things and know them intimately, which is part of the Bravo Charlie difference, and why we are able to create holistic strategy that touches on your investor relations, digital marketing, intellectual property and client engagement, from startup to IPO.

For any work that needs to be done as part of our marketing plan, we will architect and document the technical requirements in a brief for relevant suppliers, and see they get it done.

So, are you like a full-service creative agency?

No – don’t think big flashy TV campaigns and broadcast advertising.

Rather, we are focused on finding the most effective ways to engage and compel the handful of people that will dramatically change your world, whether that be investor, client or government partner.

Our world-class team of contractors come together as needed: we have experts in research and analysis, design, illustration, animation, content writing, web development, video production, editing and photography, ready to go.

If we don’t have the required skills, we’ll connect you with people who do.

Where are you located?

While our Managing Director is regularly found in Melbourne, Australia, Bravo Charlie as a company is ‘born global’, with many of our team and projects located outside of Australia.

Remote, collaborative technologies are at the heart of how we work and allow us to connect with our clients, wherever they are.

When it comes to filming, big visions and geographically dispersed stakeholders aren’t a problem, we go where the story is. We can film in the laboratories of the Australian CSIRO in Melbourne, vertical farms in California, research institutes in Shanghai, electric truck companies in Pittsburgh or pre-fabricated home designers in Rome.

Who do you work with?

The majority of our clients fall into these 3 categories:

  • Impact Fund Managers, Family Offices and associated advisors, who contract us to capture the stories of their invested companies in engaging and shareable ways, alongside supporting their digital marketing strategies, to ensure they have the best chance of gaining traction, scaling, achieving their desired impact and generating returns.
  • CEOs of startups or established businesses who are seeking to scale and know they need to use video and digital systems to engage their market. They want our help from initial client contact through to closing the deal. They generally don’t have a fully built-out team, they may be seeking capital, and often throw us in the deep end to get things moving (which we excel at).
  • Heads of Marketing in large organisations who understand that high-quality video production is an extremely laborious and expensive process, and who see the benefit in only taking 1-2 days of their senior executive’s time every 3 months, rather than turn themselves into a broadcast studio.

Additionally we are very grateful to the networks of business advisors, management consultants and professional service firms, that regularly send us their most trusted clients.

Innovative, world-changing businesses deserve recognition through effectively telling their stories, and with it, market success. The two are usually inseparable, and we can use either as a lever to propel a business forwards.

How do you structure your engagements?

After you schedule an appointment, we will define your objectives and get clear on the change you are seeking to make. Then based on your objectives and the value we can create together, I’ll prepare a proposal, send it over with a video walkthrough you can share with your peers, and an all-inclusive project fee. After sign off our research, strategy creation, review and sign off, then pre-production will commence.

Having delivered both ad-hoc and monthly content production for many years, we’ve found the ‘sweet spot’ for creating the right amount of high-quality content for our clients is to undertake one to two days of filming with a mix of your senior executive, clients and stakeholders every three to six months.

This enables us lay the foundations of your story, then ongoingly capture the value you create for clients in their words, document your product offering and recent results, highlight your points of difference, contributions to your industry and innovations, and then flow with the growth and opportunities that arise.

What does a typical engagement look like month to month?

Initially, there will be your first phone contact, a senior management meeting, the roadmap and proposal presentation, acceptance and project kick-off with myself, Philip Bateman. This will be completed within four to six weeks of being engaged.

Next, a member of my team will onboard you into your digital systems for approving and requesting changes to content, scheduling dates and locations for your initial filming, and setting up any meetings necessary whilst we act as your advocate with various suppliers, implementing the strategy we devise as it relates to your digital marketing.

You will be provided with a ‘What to expect during your interview’ guide for your team and customers chosen to provide you testimonials, and we can conduct these on your behalf if necessary. This will take up the first month of our time together.

In month two, we will film with your relevant people, then move through the process of editing. This involves rough cutting, initial assembly of the rough cut into useful blocks, music selection, colour grading, on-screen effects, branding, titles, fine cutting, captioning, proofing, translations based on intended market, rendering, quality assurance, feedback and revisions.

Parallel to this filming and production process, we will be creating any supporting collateral necessary to achieve your business objectives, and these graphics will be utilised for the videos, as well in the investor engagement platform we build for you, which you can consider your own YouTube platform, without the ads, and with the ability to individually identify, engage with and follow up with interested parties.

This editing process can take six to eight weeks. For every one minute of onscreen video, you can expect three to five hours of behind the scenes work. Generally from two days of filming, we will create 35 one- to three-minute shorts, giving you ample material to distribute weekly in the coming quarter.

The first month of the following quarter will involve a review of our progress against your roadmap, supporting your team to improve systems and distribute the video content, whilst planning for quarter two, and then the cycle repeats.

Can you film my event?

While we have done ad-hoc filming for many large events (50+) over the past 11 years, the first question we always ask is ‘Why do you want to make a video?’

Inevitably it’s because companies want to communicate the change they are making in the world to inspire others. While this is a noble idea, there is a huge amount of labour involved in making a good video, and documenting a past moment in time is generally irrelevant to an audience, though it is a great place to capture testimonials and insights aligned with your business goals.

This requires having defined your stakeholder engagement strategy, beforehand. Thus, we suggest using the footage of your event as part of a strategically aligned, ongoing content production schedule.

How many clients do you work with at the same time?

Only a handful. In addition to strategy development, written content creation and developing an engagement platform, filming itself is time-intensive.

Our filming months vary between location, in Australia it is generally February, May, August and November, with Singapore, Europe and West and East Coast of the USA intermixed depending on our clients needs, and organising film crews, locations, equipment and all corresponding parts, whilst keeping the vision of your organisation in our heads is an intense level of detail.

For this reason we strive to deeply understand your business objectives and direction, and regularly check in with you as strategic confidantes, enabling us to align production with key events of your success, and ensuring we are ahead of the game, and bringing effective messaging to your market.

Sold! How do we begin?

Get in touch, and let’s talk about what you’re trying to achieve, both on a personal and business level.

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