Presenting to the Federal Governments Business Advisor Network

Take 8 minutes to watch 8 videos and learn the highlights of a 1 hour session presented to the Federal Governments Business Advisor network, by Philip Bateman, Managing Director of Bravo Charlie

During the 2017 Annual Conference for Business Advisors of the Australian Governments Entrepreneurs` Programme, held mid July in Canberra, I had the opportunity to present a 1 hour workshop, titled Digital Marketing, Story Telling and the China Opportunity for SME’s

The presentation had several videos which provide a synopsis of the intent behind the session, so if you can spare 8 minutes, you’ll get the go to woah.

1. The power of video to capture imagination | (Opening video)

2. Marketing the dull (how to) | 0:00-1:00 & 4:04 to end

3. Simplicity – a 12 second product video

Back in Stock! The Kevlar Shears:

Posted by Best Made Company on Thursday, March 26, 2015

4. Kill the press release | 0:00-0:50 & 1:25 to end

5. Clean and green Australia, how Moulamein do it (Bravo Charlie production)

Do you know what one of the biggest farming groups in Australi…

Thank you for all the love on the previous video! Here is another for you; 500,000 tons of grain – What do they do with it all?! Find out from Tony Bellinger, General Manager of the Moulamein Grain Co-OperativeGrown and harvested by local farmers, Moulamein Oats are Australian made and the perfect Low GI meal to live a happy, healthy life – we are looking for stockists, so please tag anyone you know that could assist and thank you for sharing our story! :)- Philip and the social media teamFilmed and produced by Bravo Charlie

Posted by Moulamein Foods on Thursday, June 8, 2017

6. Understanding the difference between retail and selling online

7. Using data to create engaging content

8. A cautionary tale in social media response* ask me about this

9. “New retail” at Alibaba Hema Supermarket | 0:00-1:10 & 2:00 to end

Attendees at the conference we’re provided a 52 page supporting booklet which you can access by sending a quick enquiry requesting it 🙂

You can see a demonstration of making your own content below by clicking here or on the image below, conducted during the session – (hint: take your phone out, open the linked in app, press record and if you are stuck, answer one of the questions in the booklet above from the ‘Getting the best out of people on camera’ section)

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